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    Beginner paintball gear

    More and more people are now beginning to enjoy the sport of paintballing and this is a combat sport that is fast paced and exciting. Players use paintball guns that are built from compressed air and this allows the ability to shoot paint balls at high speed. The game is usually played in a set of teams or in a similar way on a field or on a course. In this article we will outline some of the things to consider if you want to choose the correct paint balling equipment, see the Tippmann 98 custom review.

    Different items to consider

    The first thing to consider when playing paintball is the type of gear that you use and this is relatively important. The main gear that you need will include a good quality mask to avoid paintball bruises, a gun that is specifically designed for the sport and any additional clothing that you may need when you’re playing the game. In many locations you will be given all the equipment you need and this will include overalls that you can wear, and a gun you can use. The paintball gun will come with a hopper and this is what contains the paint balls.

    Choosing a gunBeginner paintball gears

    If you do you want to invest in your own equipment, you can purchase a paintball gun for as little as $100. However some of the more advanced models can reach up to $1000. You will also need to invest in paint balls and these can be relatively cheap to purchase. Choosing a specific color will make you stand out and it is a good idea that you practice before you play the game with other individuals. This will give you a feel as to how everything works.

    The safety mask

    A safety mask is another important thing to consider if you are wishing to do the sport and this will also require a good pair of goggles as well. Without these items you will not be able to play safely. These masks can sometimes fog up and it is therefore important to consider fog free masks that do not do this so that you can breathe easily and see better when you are playing the game.

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