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  • Male Hair Trimmer – What Do You Really Need?

    I have been a guy who has been very particular about his hair since I was a kid. Now, mind you, I grew up in a house full of girls that were super particular about their hair. So when I started to be the guy who used every type of trimmer and razor imaginable nobody was surprised. I have owned over 10 hair trimmers and razors and here is what I think you actually need.

    1. A great straight razor

    You were surprised by this one weren’t you? Yes, I think the straight razor provides the cleanest shave around. If you don’t believe me, go to Instagram and type in “barber.clips”. This account is full of videos of men getting shaved with a straight razor. By combining a great shave gel with a sharp, clean, new blade, there is really nothing better for removing short to medium length hair.

    1. An electric clipper with guards

    When you walk into a barber shop and you hear the buzzing sound of the clippers, it is for a reason. Clippers are one of the best ways to manage longer hair that needs taming. The benefit of the clipper is that you can run it over your hair and expect an even trim. Now, it is imperative that you make sure you are using the correct guard. It is very easy to accidentally use a guard that will make your hair too short. Remember, with body hair, you can always take more off. You cannot put hair back on once it is cut!

    1. Mini Electric Trimmer

    When men are truly dedicated to manscaping, the mini electric trimmer is an extremely important tool. Put on the nose hair trimmer and spend some time in each nostril. Some men even swear by the mini electric trimmer for maintaining the wild hair down under. The benefit from an electric trimmer is that you won’t be removing all of the hair. Rather you will just me trimming it down to the follicle.

    In conclusion, the main thing about trimming and hygiene is that you have to stay at it. Using a hair trimmer should be a 3 time a week occurrence. But as always, having the right tools will make the job easier.

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  • Homemade Flea Spray for Dogs and Your Car

    Fleas are a seriously problem for dogs. Not only are flea bites annoying they can cause a number of health problems. Many flea treatments contain harsh chemicals which can irritate the dog’s delicate skin. There are some recipes for homemade flea spray for dogs to get rid of the problem in a safe and non toxic manner.

    Vinegar Based

    This flea spray is all natural and uses vinegar to kill fleas. Flea hate the smell of vinegar and will stay away from it. All a person has to do is take a clean spray bottle and fill it half way up with water. The other half of the bottle is filled with apple cider vinegar. White vinegar can also be used. The pet is sprayed in this mixture and allowed to air dry. This can be repeated often to keep the fleas away.

    Lemon Based

    Lemon is another scent that fleas do not care for FleatreatmentCenter. All a person has to do is take around three lemons and slice them thinly. The peel should stay on the lemon. These slices and then boiled in a pint of water. Once the pan reaches a boil it is removed from the heat. The lemons should be allowed to sit in the water overnight. This water is then put in a bottle and sprayed on the dogs as well as household items. It will keep the fleas away.

    Essential Oils

    Essential oils are a great way to repel fleas. All a person has to do is soak the dog’s collar in this mixture and the fleas will be gone. Eight ounces of water is mixed with 10 drops of lavender, cedar wood, citronella, and peppermint oils. Fleas are repulsed by this combination and will stay away http://www.fleatreatmentcenter.com/cheristin-for-cats-6pk.

    These are just some all natural ways to get rid of a flea problem. These sprays are safe to use on the dog and will not irritate their delicate skin.

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  • What are the Most Comfortable Bed Sheets

    most comfortable bed sheetsThe bed is all that it is because of the bed sheets that are in place on it, and the mattress that is under those sheets. A bed should be a place that is comfortable to all those who choose to lay on it and rest. A bed should help the weary to get the rest that they need to face another day. The bed sheets that are chosen for a bed will affect the bed and the comfort that it provides to those who choose to use it.

    What are Some of the Traits of the Most Comfortable Bed Sheets?

    The most comfortable bed sheets are those that are made of cotton. Cotton is the kind of material that can feel cool against the skin in the summer and that can feel comfortable against the skin at any time of year and in any kind of weather. Good bed sheets are made of cotton, but they are not made of just any cotton. Good bed sheets are made of high-quality cotton, the kind of cotton that has been harvested well and that is put together in a good way. Good bed sheets are made of high-quality cotton, and they are made with a high thread count. Good sheets are made by a company that uses only the best materials and that knows how to put together something that is going to feel comfortable against the skin of those who choose to use it.

    Finding good bed sheets is an important step toward putting together a bed that will be comfortable and that will offer those who choose to lay on it the chance to get good rest. Good bed sheets are made in a specific way, and they are made of specific materials that help them to be comfortable against the skin.

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  • Celebrity News

    Celebrity News

    Today, it is very easy to get the latest breaking news about your favorite sports, music, or entertainment celebrity, and this is due to all the magazines and websites that are devoted to bringing the public the latest news. The competition in the celebrity news industry is fierce, and sites like to edge the competition out by providing more ways for their loyal readers to get more news. Let’s take a closer look at celebrity news today.

    Celebrity News Sources

    The best sites provide a website to browse online along with the latest software applications that their readers are able to download onto their mobile device and check out the latest news. Others provide daily updates through email messages, post on Twitter and even breaking news on Facebook. It is easy to join the celebrity news sources on social media. Simply follow them for the latest breaking news about your favorite celebrity. In addition, a wide variety of celebrities have social media accounts. They are the best source for real Celebrity Net Worth news.

    Top Sites For Celebrity NewsCelebrity News

    Certainly, there are a number of sites online that are fighting for the attention of celebrity watchers, by supplying them with the latest hot topics that they are not able to find on any other sites online. The top sites include the traditional sites like US Magazine, EOnline, People, Entertainment Weekly, and several others that are the first to cover things like the latest divorce, marriage, engagement, or pregnancy by a top super-star in the public eye. It is also easy to discover pictures of your favorite celebrities out just shopping or going for a walk with friends. This proves that celebrities are just like you and me. Well,n ot quite, but you get the point.

    Is It Gossip

    A lot of people believe that celebrity news is just plain old gossip. What is gossip? Well, gossip is just an exchange of information about the interesting or unusual things that people are doing. Gossip is also a sharing of little rumors that are surfacing. Well, perhaps celebrity news does have something in common with juicy gossip.

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  • Essential Components of a Home Alarm System

    Acquiring a new home security system can be quite fulfilling, more so if you’ve invested in some of those high-tech devices with amazing features. Indeed, automated home systems can go a long way in securing your belongings and family’s safety in optimal fashion.

    According to The Home Security Adviser, contrary to common perception, though, a seamless system needs not burn holes in your pocket and in fact, can end up being a bargain at the end of it all. All you need to do is know the components to invest in and their efficiency. To put this in perspective, here are some of the components entailed in an automated home security system.

    Components of a Home Security System:

    The Keypad – if you are going to have an automated home security system, you obviously require a centralized access point, which is the keypad. Indeed, a keypad basically allows the homeowner to arm or disarm the comprehensive security system among other functions. Nowadays, some systems adopt a smartphone or tablet control. However, it is advisable to settle for the traditional keypad, specifically built for the purpose.

    Smoke and Carbon-monoxide Detectors:

    Smoke detectors can be quite essential, more so as part of a larger security system. Besides their convenience, smoke detectors are actually required by law. As part of a comprehensive home security system, the smoke detectors will get you timely response from the authorities in record breaking fashion.

    The latest products come packing a plethora of interesting features such as path light features to illuminate your way at night, the option to silence the system with the wave of a hand, and audible alerts among others.

    There is a plethora of other devices or components you can incorporate nowadays, such as home security cameras, which have become an integral part of residential security. It would certainly be in your best interest to check out some of these automated security systems.

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  • Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow Review

    The Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow by Moonlight Slumber gives sleepers alike the support and comfort they need to achieve a good-night’s sleep. Through the pillow’s advanced design, sleepers will experience a new kind of comfort they haven’t experience before.


    Due to its size, the ‘U’ shaped pillow is large enough to support both sides of mom’s changing body simultaneously. To keep mom comfortable, the Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow keeps the shoulders, neck, hips, and back aligned throughout the night. This pillow isn’t just useful for sleeping, but also to bring mom comfort as she lounges on the couch or nurses baby post birth.

    Unlike other pregnancy pillows on the market, this entire pillow is machine washable, and dries well without becoming disfigured. Also, this pillow molds to mom’s body by being soft and flexible, not firm like other pregnancy pillows currently on the market.Check this website for more info What’s the Best and Most Comfortable Pregnancy Pillow? – Pregnancypillowadvisor

    Features and Material of Pillow

    The pillow cover is made of cotton, and is machine washable. The pillow is stuffed with a material called Fusion Fiber.

    The Fusion Fiber allows the pillow to be heat resistant, hypoallergenic, and soft. The Fusion Fiber also allows the pillow to contort to mom’s body for personalized comfort. Complete support is offered by this pillow as it alleviates an aching neck, shoulders, back, hips and knees.

    Even though this pillow has many beneficial qualities for mom, it is very cumbersome in size, and it requires maintenance to keep it looking and feeling like new. The pillow requires regular fluffing to maintain its shape, and for users to carefully follow the care instructions provided, click here.

    Shape and Dimensions of Pillow

    Pregnancy Pillow for back pain
    Pregnancy Pillow for back pain

    The pillow is effectively shaped as a ‘U’ in order to provide support to both front and back. It measures 21 x 17.5 x 13 inches, and weighs 10.2 pounds.

    Where to Buy

    The price range of the Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow is from $99.95 to $134.54. This pillow can be purchased through Amazon for $99.95, and through Sears for $134.54.

    Amazon Rating

    Amazon customers give the Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow a 4.4 out of 5 star rating. Through Amazon, 326 customers have shared their experience, which were mostly satisfied, others feeling that they had not received the product they believed they were purchasing. Some may also be surprised to know that many of the customers didn’t buy the pillow because of a pregnancy, but rather seeking the comfort this pillow provided to sleepers.